Magauni Manne Girls Empowerment Project


To reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy in Dodoma city by 2021

DOYODO has pioneered a model adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) flagship program in Dodoma region that aims to reduce teenage pregnancy in Dodoma region . The program called Magauni Manne intends to enable AGYW to fulfil their dreams by completing all levels of education and making informed decisions for their livelihoods. DOYODO programs focus on promoting AGYW access to education, sexual reproductive health friendly services for in and out- of- school youth. DOYODO collaborates with government, CSOs and communities in its interventions.

“MAGAUNI MANNE means a Swahili word that mean four gowns. The first gown stands for primary and secondary school uniform, second gown symbolizes higher learning graduation gown, the third gown is the wedding gown and the fourth one detonates maternity gown.

Magauni Manne implemented in four wards in Dodoma City that includes Chang’ombe, Miuji, Mnadani and Nzuguni to advocate for the prioritization of adolescent SRH friendly services