DOYODO Programs has been instrumental in improving the life of youth, AGYW, boys and men in Dodoma region basically in SRH and Youth friendly services, GBV, Health, education and economic opportunities .These innovative programs have been strongly implemented with a focus on youth inclusion, adolescent girls and young women empowerment, policy advocacy and economic empowerment.






Community Mobilization/Awareness raising program

Seeks to raise awareness about the damaging effects of lack of quality education and health services to the community and to mobilize communities to change longstanding attitudes and behaviors   through media campaigns and participatory events such as dialogues, demonstrations and video sessions.




Capacity Development

Engages a wide variety of Youth, communities, other partners and national actors on health and youth development. These actors include health care workers, teachers, Primary and Secondary schools Education officers, private and government health providers, local and national government Authorities, community leaders, community groups and civil society organizations.






On ensuring the provision of quality Sexual Reproductive Health services and Information and achieving sustainable development among youth, DOYODO promotes changes on policies that discriminate the right of education, health services, youth participation in Economic activities and leadership   through strategic influencing for desirable changes in policies, laws and practices, DOYODO strives to:

  1. Educate and engage policy makers, communities and the public to facilitate social change and protection Of Youth rights economically, healthily and socially.
  2. Advocate for enabling policies and resources through a right-based approaches
  3. Inform and share learning and good policy practices with partner organizations
  4. Empower and mobilize vulnerable youth to raise their voices and exercise their rights





Youth Economic Empowerment and Leadership

DOYODO supports and advises youth on wealth building through joining and establishing microfinance groups such as Youth Enterprise Groups so as to get capitals which will help them in creating employments and benefits for their sustainable life .DOYODO provides opportunities for the youth to build their own enterprises and create      wealth for themselves and the nation through; Organizing and conducting training, seminars and workshop and linking them with financial institutions for financial support.